Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tenth Avatar - A Quest for Answers by Kanchan Joshi

When I was about to start "Tenth Avatar: A Quest for Answers" by Kanchan Joshi, I was blown off by its marvelous cover and its colophon narrating what the story is about. It definitely raised the expectation of what was to come inside.

Book Blurb
A brave prince from ancient times, who is also an accomplished yogi with super human powers. A genius mathematician struggling to unlock the secret workings of the universe. The two, separated by thousands of years in time, work together to make humans realize the true nature of the world and the real potential of their lives—guiding them toward the next evolutionary step. 
Welcome to a world where the astonishing magic of ancient times and cutting edge research in physics and mathematics meet to explore spirituality. 
"Tenth Avatar: A Quest for Answers" is interwoven between Ramayan and present era where the topics of spirituality, divinity, and meditation are scientifically and logically explored through the characters.

The book is written in a third person narrative. Personally, it felt that the switch between the eras could have been more smooth. My favorite portion was the chapters where the eras did not change and the story moved seamlessly.

The characters in Ramayan Era are comparatively well narrated as compared to the ones in present with the exception of Krish. There are times where the plot feels too much descriptive and dragging. The end felt rushed and abrupt with a possibility of continuation.

Whilst its debatable as to whether one agrees with the books viewpoints, Dr. Joshi has made a laudable effort with his imagination and writing. But personally, I felt that the books overall finishing could have been a lot better.

Overall Verdict:- Good effort, but could be better

For Dr. Kanchans Joshi maiden effort my rating for “Tenth Avatar” would be 3/5.

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