Friday, May 25, 2018

Book Review “Looking Through The Prism Spectrum" by Sujata Chatterjee

Overall Verdict:- Scenic, colorful, soulful and through the heart

As I start to write this review its nearly 1 AM; a time purposely chosen when it’s quiet all around and yet I am contended within, for it’s the third time in two days that I’ve lived Sujata Chatterjee’s lush green wonder “Looking Through The Prism - Spectrum

A colorful robin in its cover and a colophon which abstracts the author’s love for nature, The book grabs your attention and captivates your heart. In times, where every next person is a poet on social media, I was curious as to whether it will deliver a lush quiet evening as promised. The very first poem ensures that it does.

Looking Through The Prism Spectrum” is a collection of 17 beautiful poems by Sujata Chatterjee where each poem is accompanied by a sketch that catches your eye.

Be it the sunset in “Newer Horizons” or be it a students frustration in “Exhaustion”, the author successfully pens out her visual wonders and presents them for your mind’s eyes to feast. The poems are written in a simple language, yet they effortlessly enter your soul. Such is the mesmerizing spell of her work that you are forced to take a second look at the accompanying pictures just for the sheer joy of it.

There are times where the rhythm does indeed break, which I personally felt were due to forced extra details in the stanza. But the mood catches on and you’re able to end each poem with a warm cozy feeling inside leaving you to yearn for more.

My personal favorite of all was the “The Rosebud”. The poem resonated with me and perhaps put into words mostly what it feels to be a newly made father.

Overall, the author successfully paints her lush, rich and vivid imagination in a canvas by the name of “Looking Through..” where each and every color including the dark ones stand out and leave a lasting impression on our minds.

For Sujata Chatterjee’s visual delight my rating would be 4.5/5

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful review.

    1. It was our pleasure. Do visit our blog regularly for such bookish updates

  2. It's a wonderful review but review seems to be longer than the book but the intent is honest.