Friday, March 22, 2019

Book Review - In Love with Simran by Kulpreet Yadav

We are following Kulpreet Yadav on social media, ever since we have seen praise of his book "Murder in Paharganj". Later on, we read and reviewed that book. It was an awesome read. So when we saw Kulpreet's tweet about the next book, we expected it to be an action or thriller. Later on, we found the title "In Love with Simran." Don't blame me, but the title made me visualize DDLJ kind of story. But I was proven wrong by the author.

Book Blurb
Sanjana’s best friend at college is murdered. She was in love with a business tycoon named Nik Sethi, and Sanjana is certain that he killed her. In an effort to find proof, she decides to get close to him. 

Good looking and rich, Nik falls in love with Sanjana instantly, but a month later, when he accidently discovers her real agenda, he throws her out of his life. Determined to nail him, Sanjana’s desperation exceeds all limits when she realizes that she too, like her friend, has fallen in love with a killer. 
After she escapes an attack one night, Sanjana quits college and goes into hiding. Now her only ambition is to punish the killer and her only weapon is her body. In a last, desperate attempt, she uses herself as bait and pursues her best plan. There are only two options: she becomes a victim or she becomes a victor. 
Through the story of Sanjana and Nik, In Love With Simran explores the boundaries of the basic instincts of the young: love, sex, trust and survival.
Before I start, tell me how far you can go for your friends. The protagonist of our story is Sanjana. She found her friend Simran in love with a high profile business tycoon, Nik. But within in a short duration, Simran was found dead. Unable to accept the situation, Sanjana wanted to find out the truth behind Simran's death. She took the chance and decided to go near Simran's boyfriend. But things didn't work out as she expected. Nik came to know about Sanjana's true motive and left her. At the same time, Sanjana also started feeling for Nik. The situation became grave for her as powerful hands of Nik made her life difficult. Determined to go to any level to solve the mystery, Sanjana took help of her body. (You may relate it to Hate Story -1's protagonist) Read the book to know more.

My observations
  1. A bold book, which shows what a woman can do if she decides to take revenge.
  2. Easy language and fast pace
  3. A simple & straight storyline, you may take it as positive or negative. Depending on your reading preferences
  4. Light in size. Good for trips
I think certain places that spark was missing or not touching upto the mark, especially if written by an author like Kuldeep. But not a big issue, I still enjoyed the book.

I would give 3.75/5 to "In Love with Simran"

Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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