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The Story of Krishna - Yug Purush by Savita Singh - A Book Review

They say you should not linger around a particular genre so much, even I advise the same to others. But deep down I prefer more mythological & historical fictions (especially Indian base). Due to this, I have read many version of Krishna. Some were related to only Krishna, while some were on Mahabharata time where it was just a side character. I have read a version where he was born as a God, in some version he was born normal and died like a god. So when an opportunity appeared to read another version I grabbed it.

One of the most attractive features of this book was its cover, the artwork of Krishna is just mesmerizing. You may end up buying this book if you are not a strong-minded person.

Book blurb
This is the story of the most enigmatic man of the era; the man who, despite being a mortal, was superhuman in every way. Krishna was a visionary who could see into the future, and tried in his own way to make it better, accepting what he could not change. A brilliant strategist, he manipulated people to achieve the end goal—yet never for the wrong reasons. The powers he exhibited are in all of us; only we are not aware of them and have no idea how to activate or harness them. This book reveals how Krishna directed his immense powers to make the earth a better place to live in for future generations. He stood for love, friendship and harmony, yet did not hesitate to destroy, if it meant the destruction of evil. The ninety-nine sons of Dhritrashtra have been equated with the many faces of corruption, and when corruption reaches its peak, there is born a person like Krishna, who uses every means at his disposal to snuff it out. That is why he is the Yug Purush—one who stands out, and above, everyone else.

Talking about the story, Yugpurusha started with Krishna joining Maharishi Sandipani's Gurukul for studies. The world portrayed in this book is shown as a normal one. Godly powers of Krishna were shown as psychic powers which awakened since his birth. His teacher made him aware of those powers and thought him how to garner them. Later on, he went back to Mathura and lead his people to shift to Dwarika to avoid attacks of Jarasandha. The story covers how he got married to his Patrani (principal wives). Also, the story of Krishna is not complete without his contribution to Mahabharata. You may find many such things while reading this book.

Well, I have read so many books on Krishna that I found only one variation in this book. That variation is Krishna was a normal human with psychic powers. Apart from that, I found this book as a quick recap of Krishna series by Ramanand Sagar and Mahabharata by B R Chopra. I missed the spark and uniqueness. Talking about the writing style, it was fluid and fast-paced. You may finish the book in 3-4 sittings. Language usage is also simple. A novice or beginners can easily read this book. 


  1. Cover - 4.5/5
  2. Concept - 3/5
  3. Content- 3/5
  4. Overall - 3/5

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