Monday, November 28, 2016

Courting Injustice: The Nirbhaya Case and Its Aftermath

Its not quality of the book, but the reader's mindset that matters to appreciate book and authors effort behind book. "Courting Injustice - The Nirbhaya Case and it's Aftermath" is one such book. Topic of the book and seriousness of it's content was too much for me to finish the book.

Blurb of the book -
In this partnership between so-called equals, which can be compared to a polyandrous marriage. The Supreme Court is the woman and Parliament and the Executive her two husbands, one more loutish that the other, depending on your point of view. ........................ The time has come. It cannot continue to remain 'business as usual'. There will be justice for Nirbhaya. Our 'brave heart' will also bring justice and relief to all her sisters and possibly, even to the rest of us. (I have skipped very length blurb, you can refer any of the page as mentioned at bottom to check complete blurb)
Author has started book with case of Nirbhaya. He mentioned what had happened on that day. And how it could have been avoided if system was followed religiously. In next few chapters author mentioned other serious crimes against women (irrespective of their age). There was need or urgency to take some action against such crime. Author then explained how seriously people and government took it. Committee were formed to look into the matter and prepare a report with proper legal suggestions. From there author took us deep into those reports and listed following few things.
  • How rigorously study was conducted? - Interview of various victims and road dwellers who have seen such crimes on day-to-day bases
  • Which all new crimes (against women) came under umbrella of new law?
  • Penalties were reconsidered for each crime.
Author also pointed out how previously gender neutral definitions of rape crime were changed to female specific rape crime.

In parallel to this book I was reading 'How to choose your lawyer and win your case' by same author. Language and explanation in the book was completely different than this book. I had high hopes for simpler & lighter content and may be that was the reason I might have left book unfinished.

I don't want to rate this book individually as I haven't finished it. But overall I can give 3/5 star.

Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads

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