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8 Reasons Why You Should Write Book Reviews

We started writing our book journey last year. Today we have completed one year. And it is anniversary time. We would like to thank all authors, publishers and fellow bloggers for their support. On our anniversary we would like to post something different. Though it is related to book reading, rarely one will find a post on such topic.

If you Google about benefits of book reading, you will find hundreds of posts. But one will rarely find content on benefits of writing book reviews. If book reading gives your entertainment or satisfaction or knowledge, writing review of books take you one step ahead. We would like to point out things that we were benefited by following the practice of review writing.

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1) Improve your writing skills
We lost the touch of writing after school/college life. At max we write approval request or emails. :) Review-writing improves your writing skills. Once you start writing, you start concentrating on your grammar and vocabulary. Taking our example, our initial reviews and the recent one are drastically different in content maturity.

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2) Make You Susceptive To Feedback
Not every time you like the book, so when you are not praising you are criticizing it. So if you are criticizing someone's work, your reader can also criticize your reviews. It is a feedback loop which tells you how good your writing skills are.

3) Improve Creativity Quotient
If you keep writing reviews with a similar approach, your readers will lose interest in your blog. Not just your readers, but as a (review) writer you also start feeling bored. It is this moment where your creativity takes the front seat and gives you a new approach.

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4) Improve Analyzing Skills
Writing a one-page review of a complete book is not an easy task. It is this phase which makes you understand how much efforts required to write just a book blurb. As a reviewer you have to tell your readers, what was the plot of the book, what you liked and disliked about book, the writing style of the author, any emotional attachment with book/story. So while writing one review, you have to consider multiple aspects at the same time.

5) Increase you grasping power
While writing your initial reviews, you may forget few things to mention. But going forwards, you will make habit of taking mental or physical note of important points. And trust me there is a sharp difference when you read a book just for the reading experience and when you read it for review purpose. 

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6) Feeling of Twice Read
No doubt about it, writing review gives a feeling of the reading book once again. I cannot explain this part, I am not sure about feeling of other reviewers.

7) Improve You Marketing Skills
If you have given one or two hours for writing a review, you will try to get many readers to your review. Indirectly you think about reaching more and more people. You publicize your review on various social handles. It will give you an idea which platform and what timing gives you maximum audience.
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8) Networking & Reach
The main benefit of writing reviews is networking. Do you believe every day I talk with one or another author? Once in a week, I talk with Publishers as well. Your reviews make you approachable to literary society. 

So next time when you read a book try to review as well. If not book then you can try review movie, food, hotel, products, etc. It doesn't require textual review, you can try video review or comic based review as well. 


  1. First of all congratulations Vishnu for completing one year. 😊 it was really great to work with you. This post is very carefully written and I really loved the points you have mentioned.everyone should read this.

  2. Glad to know you have completed one year in your book jounrney.I wish all the best in all your endeavors and efforts in future.This post regarding the reasons for reviewing is informative and fruitful.I await more articles in the same line of interest and subject.
    Best wishes.



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