Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Meet Hosein Author of Project Bodi

We have recently reviewed Project Bodi. Today we have Hosein Kouros Mehr author of the book with us. 

So Hosein can you brief our readers about your educational and professional background?
Though I'm a physician-scientist by training, I've had an interest in writing fiction from a young age, and "Project Bodi" is my second novel.  I've been inspired by Orwell, Hemingway, and Steinbeck and more recently by Ramez Naaam and Jhumpa Lahiri.
Do tell us about your writing career.
"Project Bodi" is my second novel and I was inspired to write it one day when I was driving to San Diego.  I suddenly had an idea for a new type of meditation (the last figure in the book) and knew it could form the basis for a book.  I used the same technique for harnessing innovation described in the book to write the book itself.  As a result, I wrote the book in only 8 weeks.
Let's talk about your latest book: Project Bodi
"Project Bodi" is intended to be a fun read about the development of AR smartglasses, a technology that is on the horizon.  The main topic of the book is how to harness the mind's innate ability to innovate.  One of the characters, Austin Sanders, is an intelligent programmer but his distractions from his smartphone, Facebook, alcohol, and other substances hinder his mind's abilities.  He learns a method to liberate himself and awaken his mind's innovation, transforming him into the leader he's meant to be. 
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