Saturday, December 22, 2018

Humorous Story of Medical Students - Dissected by Naveen Kakkar

One word title, a funny looking guy with a skeleton & blue background, that was all I got while windowshopping Dissected by Naveen Kakkar. Later on, reader-universe gave me positive vibes through their positive reviews. So I went back to book page & checked available reviews. And "Tada" I knew I have to read it. So here we are discussing or dissecting the book & its likable parts with our readers.

Book Blurb
Medicine brings forth images of dour, grave looking faces with heads buried in thick books. Naah....not at Dale. Set in an era much before hyper-connectivity made us social recluses, this is a hilarious take on the lives of fifty teenagers. Walk with them as they face the challenges of a treacherous first term at a medical school in Damsar, through the landmines of the anatomy hall, the eccentric physiological concepts and the endless biochemistry cycles that most did not give a damn for; well nearly most. This is a saga of how the class survived the adventure of a bus trip with a sloshed driver, the dressing down by teachers, the quirks of their own characters and still found time to shake a leg or two. Find out if Podgy and Palak will be together right till the end? Will Lego find his balance and Joy his joy? Will Tazo survive his class? Will people keep falling off the South Pole? Rohan needs this answer, desperately!
Don't worry the book is not nonfiction. The story is a humorous fiction picturized around medical college & its first-year entrants. The story goes like as good & humourous like any of our college life. A geeky guy, an introvert guy, a couple (yet to be) and few more characters. The difference is the environment, mine was engineering, here it was medical college. So the life of our protagonist was more miserable. I don't want to share their adventure. Read the book to know more.

No matter in which stream or college you have studied, you would be able to relate it with the book. Because apart from medical student life, characters also belong to young college going, crowd. So life at that stage is always memorable.

Good points about the book
  • Simple language usage 
  • Straight to the point narration style
  • Witty, humorous dialogs. Specially Tazo inner voice
  • Relatable to life
  • Nice illustration & title of each chapter
  • Short in content. Can be finished in 1-2 sittings
In short, fun-filled witty companion for a train or plane journey. Ratings
  1. Cover - 2/5
  2. Content - 3.5/5
  3. Characters - 4/5 (Tazo & Podgy)
  4. Overall - 3.5/5
The book can be found at Amazon & Flipkart
Reviews from other readers can be found at GoodReads

We would like to thank WritersMelon for providing us the review copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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