Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Book Review - Scepters of Empyrea: A Journey to the Andromeda Galaxy by Vignesh Ravichandran

I have seen this book first time on Amazon in their suggestions. Later on, I saw this book's review by DDS' on b00kreviews and that made me more curious. So the book reached to our wishlist I would like to thank DDS for coordination and arranging the review copy in exchange for an honest review. I have received this book in the first week of April. And I have done reading the book by end of the April, but unfortunately during May vacations (yes we get 21 days of paid vacation in May). I forgot to update the review of the book. So I would like to apologize to the author and DDS for delaying the review.

Book Blurb
Empyrea, an island in the Andromeda galaxy belonging to planet Vathura is serene. Everywhere your eyes turn, you will feast on the lovely birds singing their heart out in the lush green vegetation. Osiris Mysterio ruled the regions of Empyrea with his brother Tyrant Seth and with their children Pitheceus Babi, Kraity Wadjet, and Horus Mysterio.
5000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians were the only humans to receive the invitation to enter Empyrea. They gladly on-boarded into a Pegasus chariot and took their journey to Empyrea. Their journey is indescribable. Empyrea by itself was like a fairy-tale garden, an ocean of flowers and exotic trees. 
Talking about the review, let's take storyline first. The story started with excavator restoring and clearing Pyramids and items within. During which she came upon interesting sets of scrolls. These scrolls talked about the link between ancient Egypt and Planet Vathura (and its island Empyrea). Then the story goes back and past & present. The things excavated from Pyramid were stolen by a thief. This is where action and thriller enter the story when thief solved the puzzle found in stolen materials which open portal to planet Vathura. Things became interesting when this guy found Scepter which can grant unparalleled powers to its wielders. Check out the book to know more.

There are some points of improvements that I would like to discuss first
  • Font size - I think if you have written a lengthy book then split it into volumes or publish it as one, but don't decrease font size to this level. I had to literally train my mind to read such small text with little line spacing.
  • As long as the story continues with the environment or setting it is okay. But don't overdo it. At some places, I found surrounding information in excess.
Coming to positive points
  • You might have seen Ravana movie (Abhishek & Aishwarya starring) which is remembered for its awesome cinematography. The same way you will remember this book for its illustrious surrounding descriptions.
  • A true fantasy genre book. It contains aliens, past, future, space travel, black and white magic, animals, dinosaurs, etc.
  • Light read and fast-paced story. You will keep turning pages once tempo sets (which is true for 70% of the book)
  • Nice colorful cover design.
Overall nice read. Ratings
  1. Cover - 4.25/5
  2. Concept - 4/5
  3. Content - 3/5
  4. Characters - 3.5/5
  5. Overall - 3.75/5
Book can be found at Amazon
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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