Friday, September 6, 2019

Mutual Fund Investment by Salaried Investors: Identifying the Determinants

I do trading as well as investment in various mutual funds but usually I see risk (volatility) and 3 years return for investment. Never did I thought how volatility derived or how to see beyond 3 years return. But the recent issues arose in MF markets where the most secured considered category defaulted, I thought of going through detailed understanding of the backside scene. Being a salaried person I wanted to best utilise whatever small portion of amount I am investing in MF be it SIP or lumpsum. For the same purpose, I selected "Mutual Fund Investment by Salaried Investors: Identifying the Determinants" along with another book. 

Book Blurb
“Mutual fund investment by salaried investors: Identifying the determinants” is a book which attempts to throw light upon the determinants of mutual fund investment among the salaried investors. It is well-known fact that salaried class in India posses some unique characteristics which place them in a different category than that of other investors. This book address the issues directly associated with the salaried investors. Of late, a lot of research work is going on in the field of behavioural finance. This book is simply an extension of the work in the field of behavioural finance especially the areas which deal with respect to investment in mutual fund.
Studies in the area of behavioural finance especially related to the mutual fund investment, is gaining momentum in India and hence teaching, and research in this field is also increasing. There is dearth of good book on this issue. This book is expected to fill up that gap. The book is expected to make the lives of teachers, students, and researchers relatively easier. The knowledge received from this book will go a long way in shaping the future of education of behavioural finance in India.
This book was selected in the second position because of the serious look it has. Unlike the normal book, this one was designed more like an academic book. Content-wise book is proper technical with its detailed narrations. Starting with normal ROI to complex methods to analyze fund, the author has given with mathematical formula. I won't lie, but it took me a month to read this book. I also took the help of my CA friend for some concepts.

I would say the book is a technical one, and a normal person may need to give efforts to understand it. Language is academic and use of algebra and maths make is a serious read. You cannot just read it casually. I suggest take a pen & paper or excel sheet if you want to understand it.

Rating wise I am giving 3 out of 5 to this book.


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