Thursday, October 10, 2019

Dark Humor on Stock Market - Dalal's Street by Anurag Tripathi - Book Review

I have read many fiction styles, romance, thrillers, suspense, motivational, even corporate fiction. But they say there is no end of creativity in literature. Two weeks back I stumble upon this wonderful genre which was based on the stock market. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the title "Dalal Street" by Anurag Tripathi was that the book may be based on Harshad Mehta or Ketan Parekh kind of scam. And that thought gave me a strong reason to check the book. Apart from its genre & title, the eye-catching cover got my attention. I think one way or another I would have taken this book on my shelf for sure.

Book Blurb
A group of young Indian business school graduates are attracted to jobs in a high paying trading company. This batch of hardworking, intelligent and ambitious friends is focused on success in the fast paced, hyper competitive world of stockbroking where greed, use of cunning and wealth are the stepping stones to survival and success,. The survivors are the winners.

A satirical thriller of dark humour in which superfast action to tip the scales of finance and fortunes to one’s favour and achieve quick wins are the order of the day, Dalal’s Street explores the complex interplay of human relationships and etches out the rise of the protagonist through a test by fire.
The protagonist of our story is Varun Agarwal. His friends Pooja, Devika & Anil played a good role in the story. Varun's father had lost substantial money during Harshad Mehta scam. Though strictly forbidden by his father, he saw a good opportunity in the stock market. So when in campus placement a company appeared with the opportunity all 4 joined the company, though each had different reasoning behind so. The company they joined was working on a cut-throat competition model. It was an extream reward & penalty driven company. So their rush to survive made them go through extreme pressure. They made some wrong choices in the process. At a point, Varun lost a good amount of money from his relatives invested in the market. Things became tough and Varun left his parent's place as his relations with his father deteriorated. On the other hand, a business tycoon wanted his company's share price get increased to meet his business objectives. Varun and his friend were entangled in this cycle. Anil was badly impacted due to this turmoil. Can Varun turn the tide & correct things? Read the book to know more.

The book covers some interesting details about exchange & broker houses. Starting from intra-day trading, delivery, future & options to the settlement. Many such informative details were given with the proper context of the story. The story shows how can someone inflate prices of shares without even having any solid financials. It shows how the sentiment of retail investors put them into mostly loosing end of the game. I would say an eye-opener even for a first-timer.

The combination of love, lust & greed made the book/plot a fun read. Each character is portrayed with clarity. You will feel like watching a stock market-based movie. The dark humor covered by the story will keep you engaged. The best part is the climax, that has put the book on my top favorite list. I am not going it to open the secret, you need to read to know that. 

  1. Cover - 4.5/5
  2. Concept - 5/5
  3. Characters - 4/5
  4. Overall - 4.5/5
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