Saturday, October 3, 2020

Book Series Review - 4MK Killer by JD Barker

I have read the first part of "4MK Killer" "The Fourth Monkey" by J D Barker three years back. That time, I have received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. But later on, I missed applying for the second part's "The Fifth to Die" review copy. During the lockdown, I found that a half-year back, I have applied and have received a review copy of "The Sixth Wicked Child". But I couldn't read that last part without reading the 2nd part. So I took the help of Storytel, there I found 2nd part as an audiobook. And finally, I read the 3rd part on Kindle Unlimited. I took 3 different sources for 3 parts: Netgalley, Storytel, and Kindle Unlimited. 

The Fifth to Die by JD Barker

The Sixth Wicked Child by JD Barker

When I read the first part, I was under impression that the 4MK killer was a serial killer like the Dexter series central character. Somehow author has changed that impression in the 2nd part. The 2nd part shows a completely different pattern of a serial killer, it also introduces a new character apart from Anson Bishop. Along with this new character, Anson spread chaos. At the same time, Sam Porter came under FBI radar. The FBI takes over the case from Sam's team and strictly forbade Sam to interfere. But Sam goes against the FBI's wishes and went ahead. By the end of the second part, we came to know about know things turn out completely different. The third part started with the FBI and metro team doubting Sam also behind the 4MK murders. Along with tracking Anson and Sam, Central hospital is supposedly infected with the SARS virus. How will special agent Poole and Sam will sort out things, is the climax for readers. Throughout the series, Anson's diary has provided equal suspense factor. 

The book is written in a very peculiar style, Barker reveals the only fraction of information at a time, leaving rest for future endeavors. This style keeps suspense and thrill intact. The complete series is more than 1600 pages, but I never felt reading so many pages, instead, I felt traveling the journey. Even when I applied for the first part's review copy, it was written that screening rights for the series are sold, but I haven't heard about the production of the same yet. I request to whichever party has got the rights, please work on the series, it would be a great show.

The choice of the word is easy to apprehend and to facilitate smooth gliding through the story. I suggest the book is strictly for the 15+ age group, due to violence.

Overall a must-read for thriller lovers. I will give 5 out 5 to the series and all the books.


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