Friday, February 26, 2021

Vengeance of Hope: Can freedom ever be for all? (Silrith #1) by P.J. Berman

Readership of fantasy stories & series cannot be defeated. I am and I will be an ardent lover of this gender, it helps of mind roam out of the real world. These fantasy stories bring novelty to them. Some bring magic and wizardry, while some bring a distant future, while some bring completely dystopian work in front of us. " Vengeance of Hope" brings us one such world.

Vengeance of Hope: Can freedom ever be for all? (Silrith #1) by P.J. Berman

The book can be called a Middle-Aged World Book. Though it is a fantasy book, you will not find elements of magic or supernatural in the story. Berman has conceptualized the Kingdom of Bennvika where our story is based out. After the death of her father, the previous King, Silrith lost her right to the throne and came face to face with tyranny who took over the Empire with evil intentions. Two more characters that get a good platform throughout the story are Ezrina, a tribal woman fighting for the rights of her clan, and Zen, a noble, who wants to correct things by the novel concept. Some multiple subplots and characters will accompany you throughout the stor

Well, plus point of the book, the variety of characters and places, had also added complexity in grasping story at times and is the prime reason why it took me time to finish the book. The story was also a lengthy one, not a light read. Language usage is easy makes it a smooth read

Overall a nice read. I would like to thank the author for providing me with the review copy in exchange for an honest revie


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