Sunday, August 22, 2021

Asur Kanya & Her Route To Unrequited Love by Maneesha Agrawal

I was attracted to the fancy font style of the book "Asur Kanya & Her Route To Unrequited Love" by Maneesha Agrawal. I took a blind call based on a few of the trusted reviewers and got the copy. The book is a fast-paced story fictionally set around early civilization after the great flood. This short read of around 170 pages gave me company for a day or so and I finished this book in 2 sitting last Sunday.

Asur Kanya & Her Route To Unrequited Love by Maneesha Agrawal

Let me give you a brief of the story. As I just mentioned story is based on historical/mythological events of the great flood. Ira, the daughter of Asura king, is our protagonist. Her father had expected her only daughter to join marital knots with Banasur a promising general of the army. She took time a year to explore the world before marrying Banasur. Ira's adventure led her to the Manava settlement of Manali where she met Manu, the chieftain who played a pivotal role during the great flood. Though Manu was married when he met Ira, Ira was attracted to Manu. What will be the outcome of this wanderlust and how will it affect both Manavas and Asuras is portrayed in the later section of the story. Read the book to know more.

Few good points about the book

  • The book is a short and fast-paced read
  • Language is smooth and easy to cope up with
  • Language is age-appropriate for almost all age groups
  • The story is written in and around few characters and encaptures their mindset only.
  • Prequel read is beneficial but not mandatory. I read this part directly and faced no issues.

Few points of improvement

  • Though the author has done some research on earlier Indian civilizations, the story sounds too much like a fantasy tale than a historical one.
  • Though the cover is nicely designed, I have seen people selecting mythology reads based on character-drawn covers, which is missing here.

Overall a 3.5 out of 5.

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