Saturday, February 5, 2022

Book Review - Tinku's Summer Adventure

For a reader couple like us, the best time we spent with our child is when we read the story to him. No matter how tired we are no matter how late it is in the night, if my kid is awake he demands a story. And unless exceptional case, I read a story to him. 

Tinku's Summer Adventure
Recently I took a book "Tinku's Summer Adventure" with a purpose to tell and educate my kid how was the social norm and kid's life when we were kids ourselves. 

The story is about the era of the 1990s. The main character Tinku's parents were supposed to travel. Tinku was ill and could not join her parents. She was taken in the care of her paternal and maternal aunts. She visited a village and had a great adventure and learned from that visit, which is described vividly in the book.

Good point

1. It shows how children spent time without the digital world.

2. It shows how culture and value system was imbibed while growing up by staying with family members.

3. It is a real mirror to the vacations I have spent with my aunt.

4. Language of the book is easy and fluid for kids to read.

5. Drawings provided in the book can give a good motivation or entertainment to kids to continue the book.

Overall a good read and it deserves 4 out of 5 stars. 


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