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Book Discussion with Capri Jalota About "Then The Doorbell Rang"

Today we have Capri Jalota author of "Then The Doorbell Rang" with us to discuss about his book with us.

Can you brief us about your background?
I have done Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. I worked with Maruti Suzuki India Limited just after my Engineering degree. Then, post MBA, I worked with Tata Strategic Management Group as a Consultant for a few years and then moved into Healthcare. I have worked with Fortis Healthcare for 6 years in India and UAE, then KIMS Group for two years in Bahrain and now working as VP- Operations for Asian Institute of Gastroenterology in Hyderabad
We would like to know about your reading habits.
I read, cant say if it is much. But, I definitely have a few favorite ones like Khalid Hosseini, Jean Sasson, Jeffery Archer, John Grisham, etc. Closer home, I quite like Amish. But Khalid Hosseini stands out and the one who inspired me to write.
When did you start writing?
Maybe 6-7 years back. I wrote a piece about Corporate Hospitals. It was much appreciated in my organization and amongst friends but no one in the media appreciated it much. It was showing Corporate hospitals in a positive light and no one likes it. Everyone wants to bash private hospitals and paint them as money making machines, which is far from the truth.

It was just free time writing but after it got appreciated, I thought why not keep writing and I did so, mostly for my own. But, once I got the plot of my novel, I decided to write it and get it published
When did you decide to become a writer?
I got the plot of my novel somewhere in 2013-14 and felt compelled from within to write. It is one of those feelings which is hard to explain. So, I started writing randomly in my free time. But, I never backed myself that I will complete it one day. But, early 2016 is when I decided I will back myself in writing the whole bit out. I took a break from work, trashed mostly everything that I had written till then and went into full-time writing. And I am just glad that I did it.
What are your ambitions for your writing career?
I don’t see writing as a career. I love writing and want to keep it like that. I hope to publish a book every couple of years.
How is your day structured to accommodate your writing?
When I first started writing my novel – Then the doorbell rang, it was usually for 1-2 hours after work. But, I realized after a few months that I am not going anywhere with it, precisely because this disjointed writing resulted in inconsistencies in the story. So, I decided to writefull-time with unflinching focus. I gave all the time I had to writing – usually dedicating 10-12 hours every day with some days being 14 hours as well. Being a first time writer, I did not know the drill.

After having gone through the process once, I now know a trick or two about writing and pacing it up. Ilike to believe that now I am better placed to write my next book while I continue to have a full-time day job.
What genre are your books?
My book – Then the doorbell rang is a light read, relationship focused book with a strong orientation towards exploring human relationships

Can you describe your current book in few lines? What’s it about?
The book is about a woman named Jane. She is half Indian, half Brit – born and brought up in Dubai. It is her story as she explores her life. It is about resilience, about giving, about loving. I feel that most women would relate to her in some way or the other
Give us an insight into your main character.
Jane is beautiful, intelligent and rich. However, her perception of life and what is good and bad is driven by the experiences of her mother and a few of her past experiences. So, she is guarded and constricted when it comes to expressing emotions. As she gives life a chance, life gives back her a chance.
Where did you get idea for this book?
It is really weird one. I was sitting with a friend in his balcony when he randomly pointed to another balcony and said “From that’s where the woman jumped to death” referring to an incident which happened a few months back. It is a posh neighbourhood, the woman was married with kids. It just got me thinking about the woman’s reasons in taking such an extreme step to end her life. I weaved my own story about the incident.
How much research did you do for this book?
I have always keenly observed people and loved to hear their experiences. I guess that is the only research I did for my book
What was the most difficult thing about writing your latest book?
Leaving my job was the hardest thing. Instead of spending time in office around people, I had to shut myself down in a room. That was pretty hard.
When did you book release?
Aug 5 2017
What are you working on at the minute?
I have a plot in mind and working on refining it. I am yet to put anything on paper.
How was your experience with Lead Start?
When I started writing to publishers, I read harrowing tales about how publishers don’t revert back and it takes ages to get a book published. I did experience it somewhat initially but ever since, Leadstart reached out to me after reading my plot, it has been a wonderful experience.
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
My advice is one and only one – Write the story you want to tell without thinking about the reader. However, write the story in the words of the reader.
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