Thursday, February 18, 2021

Book Review - Bharatvansh ka udai (Rankshetram #4) by Utkarsh Srivastava

I have read around dozen books in Hindi literature, unfortunately, Hindi authors are not vocal and their books are not appearing on social media as much as English authors. On top of that, there are not many series in Hindi series which you will enjoy thoroughly. I am following two series Hindi series seriously, and Rankshetram is one of them.

Bharatvansh ka udai (Rankshetram #4) by Utkarsh Srivastava

With the fourth part, the story of Rankshetram comes nearer to the bigger stage of the finale. Our central characters are majorly the same as the last part, Durbhiksh, Durdhala, Mahabali Akhand, Meghvarna, Sarvadaman (Bharat). As mentioned in the blurb, this part starts multiple threads in the story, sooner gets matured and finished in this post, but some create new threads for which we will need to read next part and lucky for me, as I have received 5th part with this post. So no waiting for me. I am not divulging more of the story front as the blurb is good and interesting enough.

Coming to writing style, as I have shared in 3rd part review, Utkarsh's writing style is improving with each new post of this series. If you compare the first part of the series with this one you will feel that 1st one might have been written by someone else. And I think this happened because Utkarsh wholeheartedly accepted feedback and worked upon genuine one. 

When the series started, the story's time seems Pauranic times, but you cannot place it among any mythological incident. As the series progressed author has established its relationship with Puru Kula and Bharat of Paurava Clan (later on known as Kuru clan after his descendant King Kuru). I consider it as a strong point showing the storytelling skill of the author. 

I also found some good philosophical discussions between intellectuals. Which I observed first time in the series (sorry if I have missed one in previous parts but they may not be as good as these parts)

My only complaint from the whole series is hurried storytelling, every event takes place almost immediately. For example, if a warrior had left for a place, in the next line he would reach the place. Sometimes I feel that the previous line was redundant.

Coming to cover art, I liked new covers of the whole series, they are attractive enough to capture the attention of the targeted audience.


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