Monday, July 25, 2016

Do you Know Any Good Boys? A Woman's Guide to the Arranged Marriage

"Do you Know Any Good Boys?: A Woman's Guide to the Arranged Marriage" - I won this book two months back and received it last month. Author Meeti Shroff-Shah has recollected experience of her husband seeking years. 

Just like my wife as Meeti was a hardcore Mills & Boon's stories' fan; and always wanted to have love marriage. But like many other Gujarati Jain family girl, she didn't find a character of her dreams. She gave this responsibility to her parents. Her parents like any other Indian parent accepted this new job profile and from there the journey of Meeti v/s Mr Perfect for Meeti started.

During these 2 years Meeti been through almost all means of arranged marriage that Indian use to find proper partner. Be it mouth-to-mouth publicity, news advertisement, marriage bureau, matrimonial sites they tried all means in short span of 2 years. She met her Mr. Perfect on her 41st coffee date. During which she rejected many candidates while many had rejected her. She went through depressing phase at many points. But her parents had kept her hopes high. She had mentioned incidents happened with her or her friends in witty tone and presented in sarcastic words. 

Though book was written with serious subject in core, Meeti has tried her best to keep it as lighter and funny to stick her readers to the last. A good book for any age group. Talking about rating:
  1. Cover - 4 / 5
  2. Language - 4 / 5 
  3. Story Line - 3 / 5 (Smooth no major ups and downs)
  4. Overall - 3.5 / 5
Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at - GoodReads


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