Friday, July 22, 2016

Work High, Sleep Low by Vinay Singh

"A mountaineer's foray into management and education" as subtitle tells about 'Work High, Sleep Low' by Vinay Singh is collection of author's experiences in personal & professional life along with his adventurous activities specially hiking, trekking, cycling, skiing. 

When I received this book as gift in exchange of unbiased review, I had thought book might be either autobiography or hiking adventure. To my relief book was not normal autobiography, because usually I avoid biographies. And after reading 'Monkeys, Motorcycles, and Misadventures' by N.S.Harsha Vardhan, adventure non-fiction became one of my favorite genre; again I was disappointed when book was not complete adventure journey. It was mix and match of author's life experience. 

It is the story of a boy from small town, whose dad was in police department. Author had spent his early life in various small cities. Being good in studies he went to IIT-Roorkee (University of Roorkee at that time) for engineering. He wanted to join army and got call letter from govt. But his father's consistent efforts made him changed his decision. He joined mountaineering club of college and started mini treks near Gangotri region. His expedition became serious when Capt. M. S. Kohli lead their camp for proper hiking. This part of the story was my favorite. Author joined IIM-A for his PGP, where he had another experience. He cycled all the way from Mumbai to Goa. 

Then came full section of author's personal - professional life, where he switched few companies to understand what he actually wanted in life. He also got married and had daughters. He got divorced and remarried. Story was pretty dull during this section. Story became interesting where author again went back to his adventurous nature and started trekking and travelling, which brings us to last 3rd of the book. Book from there to his efforts for social cause was really nice. A good read for any age. 

Talking about rating:
  1. Cover - 4 / 5
  2. Content - 3 / 5 (Details lacked when I expected more) 
  3. Language - 4 / 5 
  4. Story Line - 3 / 5 (Could be more organized specially first 50 pages)
  5. Characters - 4 / 5
  6. Overall - 3.5 / 5
Book can be found at - Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at - GoodReads


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