Tuesday, December 27, 2016

An Afghan Winter - A Murder Mystery by Rajesh Talwar

'An Afghan Winter' - Another book from Rajesh Talwar. It's my 4th book from the author in 2016. A suspense story placed after USA's attack on Taliban & Afghanistan.

Book blurb -
Soon after Anzan’s arrival in Kabul he is embroiled in a surreal episode that involves the murder of a friend and fellow inmate of a guest house. There are three possible suspects in the killing of the American army officer. As he travels north and south of the country investigating, he begins to doubt if he will ever discover who killed his friend, when he stumbles upon a horrifying possibility that chills him to the bone.
A journalist Anzan was asked by his Dubai based employer to conduct training for Afghan based media journos. He met many interesting characters through out the story starting from Dubai airport to his journey to Kabul-Kandahar. He became a good friend of one of the inmate Micheal (US national) while staying Aram guest house in Kabul. But on one unfortunate day a bomb blast happened in Micheal's room and he passed away. A detective from US - Wendell took Micheal's case in hand. Anzan also started trying to solve the case. Along with Micheal's case Anzan also worked on other issues like finding his girl friend's dad, unethical practices in few charitable activities. With his journalism skills and luck he was able to solve most of the task at hand. 

It is a slow paced & character-centric story. Each character and it's importance in story was revealed in proper manner. Nothing came out too much unexpected at the same time story was not too much expected. Author was able to keep reader's interest even with slow speed. Talking about ratings:
  1. Cover - 2.5 / 5 
  2. Language - 3.5 / 5
  3. Story Line - 3 / 5 (Very Very Slow Paced)
  4. Characters - 4 / 5 
  5. Overall - 3 / 5
Book can be found at - Amazon
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads

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