Friday, December 30, 2016

Book Log - Year 2016 - Targets Achieved

If I look back to 2016, I felt satisfied with my book journey. I have achieved most of the targets. Targets set for language (English & Gujarati), Fiction-NonFiction were fulfilled. I have read more than 60 books this year with and average of 41 pages per day. It was quite a good achievement for me. And being data scientist I analysed my book log and compared it with all the previous years. Insights are really interesting.

Looking at birds eye view, first graph shows number of books read in 2016 and combined years before 2016. It seems this year average number of pages in my books were 200-250. Books in 2016 were thinner compare to previous years.

Well knowing over all average didn't help me much. So I went a level deeper and found out average number of pages read for each category and sub category. 

Looking at plain average was again a not a good indication. As I have read 2-3 books in few categories. So lets see number of books read per category.

I always found number of pages mismatch with books. So without checking actual number of pages per category our study wont finish.

And finally, how can I conclude my book-log without preparing word cloud for the same.

Thanks 2016. Having great hope for 2017.


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