Thursday, November 9, 2017

BookReview - Dansh - Hindi Novel By Laxman Rao

Dansh is my first Hindi read, so it has its own importance. This book was part of my Kindle book for more than a year but I was reluctant to take Hindi books. Last month, I took this book and found it a light read.

Book Blurb
Paramjeet comes to Pune for higher education all the way from Punjab. Here he meets Lata who also belongs to Punjab. Nandini, younger sister of Lata, is partially paralyzed and needs to regularly visit therapy centre. Lata requests Paramjeet to accompany Nandini to therapy centre.

When Paramjeet begins to take Nandini to the therapy centre, she asks the taxi driver to stop in front of a house and gazed towards that house for bit long. She laughed, cried and sometimes went emotional. Then she also stops by in front of a wrecked house situated little far from the previous house and reacted the same way. This continued for several days.
Gradually Paramjeet realized that there must have been a tragic incidence in Nandini’s life due to which she is suffering from paralysis today. That incidence must be the biggest blow of Nandini’s life.
Hence, Paramjeet decides to delve what has happened in the past so that he could help Nandini overcome her ailment.
Blurb may give you the impact of some serious social topic book, but the story is not that serious. :) A guy from Punjab came to Pune for higher studies. Being a poor family fellow he knew he had to work. He found a part-time job. Through his job, he found a group of money lender guys. He joined them to earn extra money. Through that group, he met a girl. He helped the girl and her family. As usual, they fall in love with each other. And then happily lived after.

Though the book was simple, due to its blurb I was expecting some twist/turn of events. Nothing so extraordinary happened throughout the story. The boy was very lucky; where ever he went he earned money and respect. Read it if you like family drama or would like to improve your Hindi.

Talking about ratings
  1. Cover - 2.5/5
  2. Title - 2/5 (I didn't find strongly related title)
  3. Content - 3/5
  4. Characters - 3/5
  5. Concept - 2/5
  6. Overall - 2.5/5
Book can be found at Amazon and Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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