Sunday, July 15, 2018

Comic Review - I am Kalki by Vimanika Comics

Ever since I have received the comic bundle from Vimanika my 3.5-year-old son has taken the copy of Kalki for himself. Almost for 2 months, he asked us to read it every night. Even after 2 months, the book is one of his favorites. He still insists us to read it at least twice in a week.

Book Blurb
The Next title of Vimanika Comics’s blockbuster series “I am Kalki” enters an exciting and uncharted territory. I am Kalki- The Red Book Vol 2 lays the foundation of the exciting adventures of Kalki. The Rakshasa(Demon) Kali has broken out from the deepest darkest realms of Hell. Deep in a forest, Vasuki tries to ambush Kali. The giant serpent and the mighty demon engage themselves in a deadly duel unto death. The seven sages reveal the true purpose of Kalki’s life to him. They commence Kalki’s training in the Sapta Anantha. Down on Earth, Vishnu Sharma is bullied at school and feels helpless when his action figure is broken into two. True to the spirit of the series, I am Kalki- The Red book Vol 2 is dark, high on action with a lot of mystical forces trying to prepare for Armageddon. It also gives you a brief description of all the Human Characters involved in the series. Let the adventures of the most violent God begin!
By mistake, we have directly received second episode of the series. But I got the crux by reading recap page. Kalki is based on Hindu mythological story of Kalki avatar. As per mythology, the Lord Vishnu will come back as Kalki to fight the Kali/Kaliyuga/sinners/bad people. As per series, our hero of Kaliyuga who will save us from Kali is born as Kalki. To give him safety his soul was divided into two parts. One was sent to different loka for training. While one part was kept on earth. This is as per the recap. The second episode starts with a sad boy, who was guided by his father to take help of devotion to relieve himself from misery. On another site in a jungle near Bangalore, Kali appeared and fought with the Naga king. Things ended with hazy details.

There are no doubts about the quality of the artwork, the detailing of characters and the quality of the pages. I have and I will always give a 5 out of 5 for the same. But I found things a little bit confusing in this Episode. Maybe after reading the first part, my doubts will be cleared.

  1. Cover page 4/5 
  2. Artwork 5/5
  3. Concept 3.5 /5
  4. Over 3.5 /5
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