Sunday, July 1, 2018

Short Story on Woman Empowerment - Kaveri by Vaishnav Shravan - A Book Review

Kaveri s a short story about a girl. If read just for a sake of reading then it would be a below average story of a village girl who came to the city for studies and pursues her dreams. But one glance at that plot and you come to realize that it not the dream of one girl but millions of such girls in rural India.

Book Blurb
Kaveri, a girl who believes in destiny, is confined to her house by her mother's love, which is being manipulated by an uninvited politician, their neighbor, Padmaja. She's homeschooled by her guru, Sahasra, who induces the idea of empathy and charity to Kaveri. Kaveri discovers her destiny. Hindered by her mother's emotions, she has no other choice but to wait for her time to come. Will she cross her hindrance and make her dreams come true?
Kaveri, the protagonist of the story, was brought up in a poor family in rural India. But her father wanted his daughter to achieve goals of her life, he valued education. Contrary to him, Kaveri's mother was blinded by orthodoxy by a neighbor woman for whom outside world is full of rapist and molesters. Kavery was given an opportunity of a lifetime, which could bring emotional turmoil in her mother's life. But going after butterflies was the nature of a strong-willed person. Check the story for more.

The story is plain and simple. No twist and turns. It is the story of a common girl and it is as common as possible. Read it to open your mindset.

Talking about ratings
  1. Cover -2.5/5
  2. Character - 3/5
  3. Concept -3.5/5
  4. Overall - 3/5
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