Friday, August 3, 2018

Book Review - The Diamond Crown

Once in a while, we give chance completely new person to review the book. We have got this book reviewed in the same way. The book is read and reviewed by one of my husband's colleague's daughter and to my surprise, she has done a good job as her first trial. We are publishing her review as it is.

Book Blurb
Lakhs of devotees have gathered at the ashram to celebrate Swamiji’s shashtipoorti, his completing sixty years of age. Arrangements are in place for the many followers from all over the world who come to seek blessings, as also for those crooks who come with hopes of stealing the diamond crown – a gift of love from a wealthy devotee.
Balaram, Kumkum and their allies have waited for this day with bated breath. The crown would change their lives and give them a chance to start afresh.
Will everyone stick to the plan? Does greed for more let them succeed?
When despite strict vigil the diamond crown is stolen, and all clues lead to a dead end, the police officials call out to the man they trust the most – detective Tempo. With a sharp insight and a knack for noticing the unusual in the most mundane of things and people, he is the man who takes it upon himself to find the crown.
Will Tempo catch up with the thieves or are the culprits always a step ahead?
The diamond crown by V. S. Rao is a classic suspense story. The story gets a kick when Balaram, Kumkum, Parabrahma Rao and his allies planned to steal the diamond crown, amounting two crores which, was to be presented to Swamiji on his Shasthipoorti day. Loot of diamond crown and replace it with fake one was planned strategically. Would plan go as expected?

Improvement point for the author would be the way crime case was solved by Detective Tempo. He came in the midpoint of the story. And he solved the case in one day, that was too quick for crime fiction story. Its like he knew what had happened and what criminal's possible next step was. I was expecting action and some drama.

The narration of the story is simple. It was an average crime fiction story and not as expected thrilling.

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