Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Digital Value Discovery: Tipping Point for Operations Manager - A Book Review

Being a Data Scientist and having a major in Operations I would always like to read material to improve processes and efficiencies. I have read books on Six Sigma, Digitization, Marketing, etc. "Digital Value Discovery - Tipping Point for Operations Manager" got my attention as I saw Possibilities of exploring digital side of operations management. While checking the book blurb I found that initial content similar to Six Sigma. The differentiation was the discussion of digital framework & neuroplasticity that I didn't find as part of any six sigma book till now.

Book Blurb
This book provides a solution for the following challenges of an operations manager in the service industry.
1.How to provide end-to-end visibility of the flow of transactions across applications, locations, and teams and identify the breaks in the process?
2.How to quantify time and the cost of non-value add transactions in a case life cycle?
3.How the business can be self-reliant with less dependency on IT to configure metrics and build a dashboard?
4.How to identify the possible and root cause for the longest and shortest path of the case cycle?
5.What is the tested framework to provide actionable insights for technology innovation and emotional intelligence?
6.In the instantly changing ways of working, domain, and technology landscape, how to inculcate the learnability skills to swiftly learn new domains and technology?
DVD is the tested framework with the following components – case tracker, value discovery, config metrics, and knowledge graphs to provide actionable insights for technological innovation and emotional intelligence. This framework discusses all possible technological and business solutions. Neuroplasticity is discussed to improve the learnability skills to learn new domains and technology swiftly. 
Talking about the content book is divided into two major parts. The first part (1st to 7th chapter) contains what is Digital Value Discovery, what are the components of the DVD. Each chapter from there (2nd to 7th) discuss each component in detail. The second part contains Emotional Intelligence. Where the 1st part is about how to achieve success in business (projects and/or organization), the second part is more towards strengthening mental abilities to reach the zenith of professional & personal life.

Good points about the book
  1. Proper thought process - The book is well planned and written with proper flow. Topics discussed shows the practical expertise of the author in the field of operations.
  2. Supportive flow charts - The author has provided supporting charts & flows where ever required. These flow have made the understanding process easy. Especially for a newbie, it would be really helpful.
  3. Examples with Graphs - At the end of many topics, the author has provided examples with processing time and how to estimate/calculate them. 
  4. Neuroplasticity - I personally like the concept. Something different that you won't find in normal Six Sigma books.
Only improvement point I would suggest would be Practical examples. Though the author has discussed mortgage case, such serious topics would need more than one-two example. It will help readers to relate easily. Absence of proper example will usually make a good book into an academic read. Also, the use of color pages could have been better. If they were used for more charts interest quotient would have been higher and if full B&W pages were used the overall cost of the book could have been down. Both the way the author could have used it his side.

I would give 4 out of 5 stars to Mathan for the helpful book. Recommended for Operations Manager or aspirants.

Book can be found at Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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