Friday, April 3, 2020

Book Review - 7 Sutras of Innovation by Nikhil Inamdar

When it comes to inspirational or motivational books I think no one can beat Jaico Publishers. And I am talking about it from my personal experience because, in the last two years, I have read many motivational books and Jaico's collection was far better. When I saw the title "7 sutras of Innovation - Stories of scale-ups that are transforming India" I decided that I have to read it. One more reason for selecting this book was author Nikhil Inamdar's previous book "Rokada - How Baniyas do Business" was in my wishlist so I couldn't ignore this one.

7 sutras of innovation

I am glad that I have taken this book and I am fortunate that I was able to read it in the peaceful time of quarantine. When I got this book in my hand, I was fascinated to find out the first two pages of the book is full of the praise by many business giants, professors, and, heads of various organization. That made me confident about my decision.

Talking about the content of this book as the title suggests the author has provided 7 sutras that can help an organization to get a clear vision and strategy for its business operations. The first few pages have discussed what these sutras are in a brief one or two paragraphs. You might think why such a short description when the whole book is on the sutras, then we have 8 real-life examples of various organizations that have used these principles knowingly or unknowingly in their business to achieve greater goals. With these 8 examples, Nikhil has extensively explained how these concepts fit their business problems and how the organization has tackled it. Again not each of these organizations has used all seven sutras but they have used a combination of the sutras to achieve their business goals. At the end of each chapter, Nikhil has given the summary.

I am completely impressed by the way Nikhil has explained these business cases. The language used is so simple and smooth that any business inspirant with little knowledge of English can take this book easily. I suggest, do take a notepad and pen or a marker while reading this book. Keep notes of important points. If you want only a summary of the book then you may point down the first few pages of where sutras were introduced. I think they are good enough to remind you where your business lies and how you can think about the solution. 

I would like to give 4.5 out of 5 to this book

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