Friday, May 15, 2020

Book Review - Done with Love by Shuchi Singh

Exactly 6 weeks back we posted our last text review. The book that I am going to discuss today is "Done with Love" by Shuchi Singh Kalra. I admit that I have received this book before quarantine but I postponed review. Because we are busy with our YouTube work if you'd like to see our YouTube videos you may visit the below link.

Done With Love - Book Review

"Done with Love" this is my first read from Shuchi. I haven't read her previous books, so I was not aware of her writing style. Before we discuss the other aspects of the book let's discuss the plot in brief. The protagonist of our story is Kairavi, throughout the story referred to as Kay. She was in a relationship with Vivian, an orthopedic surgeon. Her life was going great when she decided to go to the Maldives to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday. When she reached there she found that her boyfriend's ex was also present there attending the same seminar that her boyfriend was attending. Things became a little bit confusing with the couple and then they fought. The later part of the story covers how they came together.

Now coming to the writing style, the story is written in medium to fast pace. I finished it in a single day in two sittings. Throughout the story, The mental state (or I would say a mental verbal) of Kay will keep you entertained and engaged. Why I am saying this because when you read it will find that how throughout the story she enters into a mental dilemma and she debates with herself. Personally, I find a character like Kay troublesome & confused not just for themselves but for whole humanity who comes in connect with them. I am saying this because when you read will come to know that no matter how many times Vivian tried to explain his points, she was adamant. She could not go away on what she has seen. 

And when I thought the climax will be as per title "Done with Love", the author has given a twist. I am not used to such type of emotional stories. I found the book an average read. Still, the book gave me a company for a day.

I will give 3/5 to the book.

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