Friday, June 26, 2020

Shibu is back with "Faith and the Beloved"

In 2016, I had read "Men and Dreams: In the Dhauladhar" by Shibu Kochery. Though the book was only 280 pages in length it was too deep in terms of technical information. I survived that book because of good character and story building. So when I came to know about "Faith and the Beloved", Shibu's latest book, I wanted to make sure that it should not cover lengthy technical information. I read the sample provided by Kindle and once I was certain that the author has given respect to the readers of the first book by avoiding unnecessary technicalities, I bought the book. And trust me 185 pages of "Faith and the Beloved" has more storylines and thrill then 280 pages of "Men and Dreams: In the Dhauladhar" taking twice.

Faith and the Beloved by Shibu Kochery

To give you a brief of the story, a sleeper cell guy called Tony was killed in his apartment, while his wife Naithy was hospitalized due to head injuries. His body was found with two other guys who belonged to the underworld gang. Naithy's daughter Alice was on run from multiple organizations. Prem Rollands a Kalari expert, a hacker, and an intelligent strategist wanted to avenge his brother's encounter and people linked to the case. An underworld gangs were after rare diamonds that were missing from Tony's place. A CBI officer working on the case found a deep history of 10-15 years behind the crime. Are you thrilled to know these pointers? Don't worry I haven't given any spoilers. You will find way more than these points if you read the book.

Coming to the writing style
1) Pace - Fast
2) Language usage - Very easy. Even beginners can enjoy it.
3) Age group - preferably 15+
4) Plot Development - Complex style. Will discuss in the next paragraph
5) Character Building - Details to the core
6) Content Amount - 250% than normal thrillers
7) Cover - So so. Needs more attractive cover.

You might be thinking why I have given just pointers above, but why to waste more words when I can convert the same with just bullet points.

Now coming to what is changed from Dhaulandhar to this book. The author has reduced technicalities drastically. He focuses more on storytelling than engineering/technical discussion. The plot of this book is more interesting as we were unearthing new facts with each chapter. The reason I said the plot is complex is plot is divided between 6-7 major characters. You will get to know only the portion known to that character. You won't get a full picture without reading until the last chapter. The character building is still heavily information-driven, mostly dating back to the character's parents or grandparents' background. I enjoyed the information about the main characters but when too much information about someone meeting your characters just once (like a couple from the Gambia) was actually too much. I feel that could have been avoided.

Overall a wonderful read. One that can make a good visual content of converted in web series or movies. I may take a review on our BookTube channel as it fits our theme.

I will give 4.5 out of 5 to this book.

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