Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Light Read - An Uneasy Alliance by Kyra Radcliffe - Book Review

I have been reading thriller and crime novels lately. Many of them were of a psychological thriller. Reading them during lockdown was actually made my mind very very serious. So I decided to lighten my mood, that's when I saw a romantic cover of "An Uneasy Alliance" by Kyra Radcliffe. The cover reminded my Mills & Boons series. The book was available in Kindle Unlimited so I took the chance and read the sample chapter. The sample chapters gave me confidence that the book is good to go. So here I am discussing my observations about the book.

An Uneasy Alliance by Kyra Radcliffe

Let me give you a brief of the story first. The central characters of our story are Katherine and Tate. One fine day Katherine, the mayor of Blissmore, got to know that her younger brother Keith was in jail. On meeting Keith, Katherine came to know Keith was framed by his girlfriend, Samantha's brother Tate for frame charged. Katherine wanted Keith to fight the case but Keith wanted the blessing of Tate for his wedding with Samantha. Katherine met with Tate, who was under impression that Katherine was unemployed. At the same time, he found her attractive, he thought of having a good time with Katherine by making Her work as social secretary for his work. There was unspoken chemistry between Tate and Katherine but same time there was a sweet enmity between them. The period of 2 weeks decided between them when eventful and Katherine went back to her town with tearful eyes. Read the book to know whether Katherine-Tate or Keith-Samantha finally meet or not.

Coming to the writing style, the story is written with a minimalistic approach. You will not find complexity in plot narration. There are hardly 7-8 characters in the story, which means you can easily keep track of characters as well. The language is easy to follow, I would recommend it for beginners. Due to a slight sexual touch, I would suggest it keep away from under 14. 

Some critical observations. Though the book is written more like a love story a few parts I found written like erotica, well the language of those narratives were tender compare to plain erotica, which was a slight relief. 

Overall a good light mood read. You may read it in 3-4 sittings. I finished it in 3 and enjoyed it.

I would give 3.5 out of 5 to this story.

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