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Black Hole Oblivion - Earth to Centauri Book 3 - A Book Review

Out of 6 books written by Kumar, L. l have read 4. And I am a close follower of Earth to Centauri book series. I have read the first two parts of the series within 3 months of its release but due to our strict schedule, we were not able to get enough time to read the third party for the last one year. Covid-19 came in disguise it gave me time to finish my previous pending books and I got enough time to read the book of my choice for almost three months now. 2 days back I saw a post by Kumar where he mentioned that he has few copies of Hindi edition of third part which contains few typo errors. I have read the first 2 parts in English, still, I didn't miss the chance and took the third part's Hindi edition. I started reading it within a week of its delivery and finished it within 4 days. I finished it into 2-3 seatings and I enjoyed it a lot.

Black Hole Oblivion - Earth to Centauri Book 3 - Book Review

The third part started just after the alien attack on Earth. The Indian government sent Anara's team to capture the person responsible for the attack, the person called chairmen. Unknown to them, somewhere between the solar system and Proxima, Joe had blasted devastating bombs that they have captured from Antrariksha. He wanted the device to get lost so that the chairman cannot use it further for his nefarious actions. But this action of his made a black hole which was within the path of Antrariksha. On their way to the next assignment, Anara's crew stuck into the horizon of this black hole. Not just that they found a French space station on way to Proxima, which gave negative signals to Anara. Stuck in a black hole where their every tries to escape horizon failed how Anara would save her crew. Read the book to know more.

Good points about the book
1) Fast track storytelling. No nonsense to the point narration
2) A strong female character steering the plot
3) Mixed of sci-fi and space-time hypothesis
4) Unexpected twists and turns
5) Easy language usage. No showcase of extraordinary vocabulary.
6) The best cover in the series.

Overall I will give 4 out of 5 to the series.

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