Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Green Signal: Poems of Virtue, Positivity & Emotions by Manishi Gupta - Poetry Book Review

I have been recommended "The Green Signal" by Amazon suggestions engine. I have recently bought few poetry books on Amazon Kindle (though mostly free or below 19 rs), that's when I saw this suggestion. I took my chances and bought the book. 39 pages long book was a short and sweet read, it has lightened my mood.

The Green Signal by Manishi Gupta

There are a total of 17 poems in the book divided into 3 sections, Virtues, Positivity & Emotions. And poems of each section follows the theme of that section. Three poems of virtue will make you face the mirror and think about gratitude & morale. The poems containing in positivity section can boost the reader's confidence and morale. And emotions section can remind you of your upbringing and may bring tears in your eyes. I have lost my dad when I was away, though I never had arguments with him (mentioned in the poem ) it still made my eyes moist. The best part of the poems is simplicity in which it is written. Limited use of exquisite words, which makes poems available for a large audience. I think this is a very important aspect because many poets use the choicest wording which deters normal readers' interest quotient. If you were not able to take a poetry book in the past due to its complexity you may try this book, you may be able to relate easily and read it with ease.

My favorite poems are
1) Everyday learning
2) Believing in yourself
3) When my father was alive
4) The power of love

Coming to the book design, the cover of the book was aligned with the title. But when I checked the book in colored screen (mobile/iPad Kindle app) I was blown away by the page design. A unique background on each page captivated my mind. 

You may take down 20-25 couplets in your diary which may be useful for your day to day life. A quote or stanza from these poems and you can give a different touch to your gifts or belongings. With a uniquely designed product, you may also gift this book to your near & dear ones. 

I will give 4 out 5 stars to the simple yet deep poem collection.

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