Sunday, August 23, 2020

Must-read Scientific Book in Layman's Language - Clues to the Cosmos by Shohini Ghose

Shohini Ghose that was the word I catch when I saw this books detail. I googled about her and came to know she is a TEDx speaker. Then I went through the blurb of the book and I came to know that this book is an effort to explain facts of the universe in simple language, something that a normal person can understand, something which is full of both the equations and theories. So I had high hopes when I received this book. Unfortunately due to lock down the book review was delayed and I am really sorry for the delay. Unlike normal fiction where my expectation from the book was to entertain me or lighten my mood, from this book, I was expecting more information that I can understand or grab faster. I am from a science background and I have been introduced many of these theories during the studies, I always wanted an easy explanation of the concepts so that if someone, who is not from a science background, asks me about them then I can explain it with ease.

Clues to the Cosmos by Shohini Ghose

The content of the book is divided into eight chapters. Each chapter covers the aspects of the proper methodology. The author has started with early beliefs about the existence of the universe. And how those beliefs were broken down by different theories with different methodologies with different measurement tools how everything unravels to your mankind. It explains how a various scientist has explored these facts and brought us the modern day's knowledge to us. If you want to read these points from the scientific view you will find a book on each of these topics and a lot of theorems but when it comes to getting crux in layman language then this is the book. The author has taken chronological order of various inventions and facts. She has also shared many hidden faces behind these discoveries whose recognition is still due or recognized after years of the invention. 

Those who are reading this book, take my advice and give time to read this book. Don't rush towards the end. If you like to write down facts then take a marker and keep noting points after each chapter as there are many things to note down. The author has used plain English to reach the maximum audience. Still, the topic related scientific discussions so maybe many souls find it difficult to digest, not due to complexity but due to the nature of readers. 

I will give 4.5 out of 5 to this book.

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