Thursday, August 13, 2020

Love, Life & Everything Else: Poems by Tapan Ghosh - Book Review

Boredom is your biggest burden 
It’s bound to crush you for certain 
Step out of your comfort zone, go for a variety 
Don’t be stuck with monotony, a life of anxiety 

This poem from "Love, Life & Everything Else: Poems" by Tapan Ghosh has enthralled me. I have highlighted more than 12 couplets from the poetry book. 

Love, Life & Everything Else

Before I talk more about this book, let me tell you how I encountered this book. I have seen the suggestion of the book on Amazon a few days back and got the copy during prime day sale. I finished it in single sittings and really enjoyed it.

Just like a deck of cards, this book contains 52 poems. The way you can never devalue a card from a deck whether it's a 2 or an ace, same way each poem delivers a good and unique message. It covers various aspects of human life, love, relationship, motivation, dedication, spirituality, and whatnot. 

Good points
1. Easy language usage, no complex stanza
2. Relatable context
3. Poems will relax your mood and negativity, you will feel calm and will try to relate with our life
4. If you don't find any poem of your liking you can always skip, as they are independent small snippets
5. Barring 2-3 poems all are age-appropriate and can be read by as young as 12 years ago well.
6. Those who like to try poems should start with books like this, as it's easy to understand and continue with interest.

I will conclude my review with below snippet

When balance between the muse and the purpose is achieved Work becomes play, happiness is conceived.

I will happily give 4 out of 5 stars to this lovely poetry collection.

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