Saturday, August 22, 2020

Colorblind by Aditya Chowdhury - Book Review

There are few genres where Indian authors seldom venture. Dystopian is one of them. I have read and seen only a single digit of such books to date. Maybe my knowledge of the field is limited but if such books didn't get my attention means they were not tried with proper efforts. That's why I always give a chance to such books by an Indian author. "Colorblind" by Aditya Chowdhury was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. I plunged into the book within 5 days of adding to my shelf. 

Color Blind by Aditya Chowdhury

I would like to start my review with this line I got from the book. 

"Sometimes, to get some real insight, you need to risk a complete change in your perspective.”

I am not aware of how many of you know about the book blurb. But the book brings us a world where color blindness is a norm. A person can see three colors black, white, and one more color. The last color decides everything for a person. People are divided as per their color. Also, an ability to see more than one color is considered an illness and it is a capital crime to hide this fact. In such a world, the above line makes a good context whether you are willing to get real insights or not. 

The protagonist of our story is Lohit. He belonged to the red community. All his life he was connected with only red people. But one fine day he found an interesting girl who was not red but applied red lipstick, which was rarest of the rare. When he met that girl she told him something which I found true even for our normal world. She said

"We become the lies we tell ourselves daily, it won’t be too late for us to change.” 

She gave him a strange spectacle which had changed Lohit's life forever. Anything more from my side and it may spoil your reading experiences. Read the book to know more.

Coming to writing style, the author has used simple language and kept content engaging for readers. With its medium pace, the book provides a sweet read that won't bore you out. A book which you can take on your short trip. Though the book is dystopian in the genre, it is different for the normal dystopian category which usually goes around action and thriller sequences. Instead, the author has delivered a good message. The author's intention of telling people to venture out and experience something new is very well delivered. 

I will give 3.75 it of 5 to the book. 

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