Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Must-read Mythological Fiction - Firekeepers of Jwalapuram by Vamsee Juluri

I had finished "Saraswati's Intelligence" almost a year back. I was completely awestruck by Vamsee Juluri's imaginations. The first part of the book shows how civilized monkeys and other animals actually fought barbarism humans. And help them civilized. This novel concept itself made me liked the book. Though the book started in some cryptic ways once I got grip on the story it was a smooth story. I think in February I saw the post of WritersMelon that review copies of the book are available in exchange for an honest review. I was glad that I had finished the first part a few months back at that time. I instantly applied for the review copy. Keeping finger crossed I came to know that I was selected to review the book, but then COVID happened and started a long wait. I think after a long long wait of 4 months, I got my copy in the last week of July. And I finished it within 2 weeks. And here I am discussing my experience.

Firekeepers of Jwalapuram by Vamsee Juluri

The sequel "the Firekeepers of Jwalapuram" started after 7 years from the war with Creatures. Creatures (human) were taken as new Kishkindhans under the care of Kamdhenu's. Hanuman and Vaishnavi were about to enter their third ceremony when nature took its destructive form. A gigantic volcano erupted somewhere in the depth of the ocean, which brought Tsunami and black clouds with it. Following which came sticky and polluted rain. This rain was followed by sickness not just within animals but in trees as well. Hanuman and Vaishnavi took things in their hand and divided rishis into groups and went to Fire temples. On the other side, Riksharaja who was already was depressed volatile due to loss of Vali, took extreme steps and went on unknown adventure after prisoning her own son Sugreeva. Things were becoming scarier each day with a scarcity of food. For many following Parma Dharma became imminent death. How will Kishkindha survive? Read the book to know more.

I loved the story, not words to describe it. I liked this part more than the first one. It took me 1 month to finish 1st part but I finished this part within a week in just 4 sittings. 

I will give 4.75 out of 5 to this book.

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