Monday, August 10, 2020

Hinterland by L.M. Brown - a Book Review

I have been provided ARC of the "Hinterland" by L.M. Brown in exchange for an honest review. As the cover was that of a flower vase on a chair, I didn't get any idea what to expect. So I checked the blurb, I got a feeling that book is a semi thriller and semi drama. Finally, I took a chance and read the book.

Hinterland by L M Brown

As mentioned in the blurb, the story is formed around a small family. Central characters of our story are Nicholas, his daughter (Kate), his wife (Kathleen), and Ina (his neighbor). The story started when Ina came back to town as her mother, Tilly, met with an accident. But Kathleen who was already unstable took it in the wrong manner and had a fight. Few days after that Nicholas found Kathleen in a suspicious position with evil intentions. Authorities took Kathleen away, but nobody told Kate what actually happened.  Fearing that truth would destroy Kate, Nicholas hide the truth from his daughter. He went into extreme, hampering his relationship with her daughter. Ina who knows truth helped Nicholas but the gap between father & daughter was something out of her hands as well. Read the book to know more.

Few facts about the book

1. The book portrays the unconditional love of a father who wants to protect his daughter. If you are a father yourself you may find yourself in a fixed situation and may like to debate what you would do in his position.

2. The book is written uniquely. Though it is an emotional drama, the author has unraveled facts in thriller fashion. For example, an actual event that occurred during Kathleen's accident was mentioned multiple times but every time only a fraction of information reveals each time.

3. The pace of the book is slow. Except for the last 20% section where pace improved. 

I found a few weak points here and there. But those are about character, not about the plot. When I inquired about cover design and message behind it, I came to know that the current picture of a flower on chair represents dysfunction, something off with the picture and not right.

Overall I will give 3.75 out of 5 to this emotional drama.

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