Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Another Story by themarsbeing - a Poetry Book Review

Though I use poetry as an escape from my emotions, this is the first that I am reading a poetry book. And surprisingly, each and every word is written in this book has hit home. It took me a long time to read this book as I have to stop after reading each poem to process it cause the writing is so deep and emotional. The poems written in this book has real, pure, unfiltered, dark emotions. All the emotions that people generally hide from others and yet it's written so beautifully and recklessly. I am saying it again I had to take a break after reading each poem, as for me the words felt like staring into a mirror.

The book contains a lot of poems about suicide, heartbreaks, depression, and mental illness in general. So at any point of time in your life, if you have suffered through any mental illness, you'll be able to connect to most of the poems.

In my opinion books like this should exist more, just to start a conversation about mental health causes in some parts of our life. Everyone has gone through difficult times which affects our mental health. And especially in India, because mental problems and discussions on the same considered taboo, nobody talks about it. Books like this can at least start a conversation about it and at the same time provides a way to escape the chaos as well.

If talking about the structure and rhyming some of the poems could have done better in that department but the emotional story behind the poem reciprocates for that.

I liked all the poems in the book but some of the poems which I liked and I relate to more are Maze, End of the story, Impulse, Dream scrapes, Anxious mind.

I think the book deserves 4 out 5.

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