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ARJUNA : Journey towards Heaven, Ending in Hell - A book review

I am a great fan of the Mythology genre. Those who follow our reviews know this fact, and even if you are new, you may check categories, maximum books fall under the mythology category. The number went so high we have further split it into two subcategories Ramayana & Mahabharata. So when I received an offer of a review copy in exchange for an honest review of "Shree Arjuna" I said yes. Another reason for the selection of the book was my discomfort for the question of why Pandavas went to hell and why Kauravas went to heaven. I always want to know more reasoning behind it, not just one explanation.

Shree Arjuna - Journey towards Heaven, Ending in Hell

I am not aware of what are authors view of the cover. Butt let me share what I gathered from the design. The cover photo shows Arjuna's bloodied hand with his bow, Ghandiva. If you look closely you will also find a cloth (I assume Saari) in his hand, and the cloth is not his own. I assume this depicts his intention to stop disrobing Draupadi's Saari which was linked with one of the weakest moments for Pandavas. Looking at the circumstances of Arjuna at the beginning of the book, the cover picture portrays his confusion. 

Let's go to the plot, as the subtitle mentioned, when Arjuna, the mighty warrior, who followed all pieces of advice of his mother, elder brother, Shri Krishna, and fought many wars on the name of Dharma was expecting a grand entry in heavens. Instead, he was in front of the doors of Hell, and that too alone. He wished that if he went to hell, at least he would have company. That loneliness mixed with confusion made him introspected his life and all characters associated with him. 

The story is more of his remembrance. These events are part sequential and part random which seems obvious. Because hardly people retrospect in the same order, they try to courier a few events more relatable than others. The same happened with Arjuna. Few points that brought out very sharply to us

1. Arjuna respected Duryodhana's more than Yudhishthira. He found Duryodhana a better brother and a better friend. 

2. Arjuna respected Karna. He envied Karna of many things.

3. Though considered eunuch, Shikhandin was a very sharp mind, more dangerous than Ghandhar Naresh

4. The only mole as per Arjuna in Kaurava brothers was Duhshashana, he was shown, drunkard, and drug addict.

5. Arjuna regretted and felt guilty of giving more priorities to his main wives and Abhimanyu only.

There are many more character-specific traits that Arjuna observed in his life's span. Read the book to know more.

The writing is simple yet engaging. The randomness with a storyline keeps you interested till the last page. Each chapter brings a good drawing of characters/incidents. The content is appropriate and good for beginners as well.

I think the book deserves 4.25 out of 5. 

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