Thursday, November 12, 2020

21 Fantastic Failures by Sonali Misra

The title "21 Fantastic Failures" is the lone reason for me to select this book by Sonali Misra. And as the title suggests, the USP of this book is lessons for readers from 21 successful personalities. 

21 Fantastic Failures by Sonali Misra

Every self-made man/woman has his or her experience. It's a common fact that a single failure teaches us more things than multiple successes can. One of the most famous teachings of Chanakya was "Smart people learn from their mistakes, but the real champ learns from mistakes of other." ( I haven't used exact wording, so spare me from your wrath). In short, this book allows us to learn from these great people's failures.

Coming to 21 stories, let me warm you. If you are looking for some unheard stories of these personalities then you might feel disappointed. Because much is said and written about the life of these celebrities. Your next question would be "then what is new in this book?". Well, it is structured such that you will get an idea of what steps these people have taken (which in turn you may take) to get out of dire situations. 

One chapter is dedicated to each celebrity. The structure of these chapters go like this

1. Paths that the person could take.

2. Lessons learned.

3. ‘Extra mile’ that the person in question chose to go

Overall, a good motivating book. If you have read many books in this genre, then you may find it about average, but for once-in-a-while or first-time readers will find the book good.

The cover of the book can be improved, you may consider that as a weak point from my point of view.

Overall 3.75 out of 5 stars to this book.


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