Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Bend Your Knees & Do Your Best by Kalyani

I would like to thank Kalyani for providing me the review copy of "Bend Your Knees & Do Your Best" in exchange for an honest review. Before I start let me give the first impression of the book I perceived. The first communication of Kalyaani was kept unread almost for a week, but the self-help-looking name didn't give me enough motivation to check the mail. Later on, I checked the book and found the blurb interesting enough to venture. 

Bend Your Knees & Do Your Best by Kalyani

The protagonist of our story is Kalyani (don't worry it is fiction, not memoir). She is working in the IT industry and settled in Bangalore. She has already spent more than a decade in the industry. She has managed to keep away normal expectations away from her, the expectations that usually society has from women generally. She is just happy with her life, food habits, fiction books. But the funniest thing is her best friend and confidant. Hardly we have any imaginary character as a friend, Kalyani doesn't only have an imaginary friend but that friend is a demon from Hindu mythology, Hiranyakaship. 

Things were going great when things started changing. Well, that's when the interest quotient changes in the story. First pressure and firing at the office. Second health issue and the last one her acceptance and mental peace over the situation. Read the book to know more.

The book is a lengthy one. And that required efforts at least for the first 50 pages. Language is easy, and content is age-appropriate. The book has a good amount of humor in both formats direct jokes and satires. As the author is from the IT field, she has nicely connected the pros and cons of the domain and made it lighter in tone keeping a humorous tone.

Overall a nice book. But things that the author could have improved the length of the content, title & cover.

I will give 3.75 out of 5 to this book.

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