Thursday, April 1, 2021

Brand New Start - the Power of Personal Branding By Mainak Dhar

I selected "Brand New Start" by Mainak Dhar due to following reasons

1) Author Mainak Dhar

2) Attractive cover giving confidence of Superpower

3) long subtitle "Fast-Start Your Career with the Power of Personal Branding"

4) Chances of learning something new

Brand New Start: Fast-Start Your Career with the Power of Personal Branding by Mainak Dhar

I took this book in the morning. I read the first few pages where the author describes why one should read this book. And that's it, 160 pages were finished in the next 3-4 hours. The section I liked the most is "Three reasons why you should listen to me and one reason why you shouldn't". Here I liked the frankness of Mainak over the acceptance of his limitations. In a very friendly manner, he tells us that he is not a counselor but a direct or indirect person in the decision-making of things discussed in this book.

As the blurb suggests, the content of this book is all about personal branding. Yes, you heard me right. Though our world works on product and personality branding, we mostly fall on the consumer side. This book tells us the supplier side. I mean it shows what a brand for a person is. The initial section tells us all about personal branding by removing myths and by answering general questions. The later section discusses how to make a brand out of us. The material is good.

My observations

1) Very good content creation. Text, charts, and figures were proper. Even larger than normal font size helps in reducing bored-ness in reader

2) Kind of good topic for a self-help genre

3) For new entrant a good read, for those who have read already established book, this book may not give too much novelty

4) I found fewer examples and cases. I feel those are the heart of self-help books. Else self-help will be an academic book for me.

I would like to thank Writersmelon for providing me a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Nice self-help deserves 3.75 out of 5.

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