Friday, April 2, 2021

The Inside Story of Indian Banking by Sandip Sen

We used to use as much jargon as possible during MBA GD/PI. But once we landed in our jobs, we were faced with the actual implementation of those jargons. I feel the field or domain having maximum jargon must be the banking and financial domain, every year governing bodies introduce multiple laws and new jargons to follow. 

In India no matter from which age group you belong, you must have heard at least one scam in this domain every five years. With so many rules and regulations, with so many audits to follow, and even with such a digitized state how people are still fooling around authorities. It is a big question. I had many such doubts when I picked up this book.

The Inside Story of Indian Banking by Sandip Sen

If you are not aware of the history of Indian banking, then how you can judge current regulations. To bring you to the same level, the author has started with all basic details on how banking started in India. Then the author takes us to a post-independence era where banks started facing real problems, following which nationalization came. The author has properly covered those details. Then comes post-1991 liberalization, and the country started getting competent banks from private sectors. Through this author has covered many big scams and how they happened. The last segment of the book covers the solution accumulated by the author from his experience and experiences of various stalwarts of the domain.

My observations

1) Though the book is non-fiction the writing style makes you feel it like a fiction one

2) There was an order in which content is prepared and that can keep readers interest intact

3) Author has made all efforts to keep the book less academic and keep it reader-friendly (not student-friendly)

4) Language and wording are easy and smooth. One can finish this book in 3-4 sittings. 

5) Minimum use of jargons and if they are used, they are explained in layman's terms.

Overall a good attempt to bring facts of the financial domain. I will give 3.75 out of 5 to this book.

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