Thursday, September 2, 2021

Ganesha's Global Startup by Prachi Garg

My group has reviewed around 5 books of Prachi Garg collectively. And she is on our list of top ten inspirational authors list. "The Legend of a Start-up Guy" was Prachi's and probably among Indian authors' first attempt at mythology-based startup fiction. In that book, she wrote a fictional story around Ganesha's attempts to establish himself as an entrepreneur. Her next book was based on the story of Ramayana-based characters. Prachi is back with her next book and that too sequel of "The Legend of a Start-up Guy".

I think I have discussed enough previous works of Prachi, let's talk about the main book for which I am writing this review. "Ganesha's Global Startup"

Ganesha's Global Startup by Prachi Garg

In the first part, we read that how after mountainous efforts Ganesha got successful in establishing his startup and make it a steady business. He also received good recognition and an award for the same. But as we see in real life, you need even greater efforts to survive and to expand your new startup. This book is more focused on those points. Through this part, Ganesha's story passes through phases like handling funding entities, expansion strategies, sustainable business models, etc. Read the book to know more.

My observations about the book 

  1. Easy language for any age group
  2. Familiarity with Indian Mythology characters' names. Added benefits if you have read the prequel
  3. Fast paced storyline
  4. Self-help bundled with fiction
  5. All basic startup-level learnings were covered in the last part. This book is more about the next level of startups

I will give 3.5 out of 5 to this book.

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