Friday, September 17, 2021

Twenty millionaires under thirty by Sophia Graham

I have been reading business startup stories almost for 12 years now and they always capture my mind. Being a NITIE alumnus, I always read more of this genre. My favorite author is Rashmi Bansal. Reading success or failure stories give us not just inspiration but new ideas as well. Chanakya had rightly said the smart people learn from other's successes & failures. With the same hope, I selected "Twenty millionaires under thirty" by Sophia Graham.

Twenty millionaires under thirty by Sophia Graham

As the title suggests, you will find 20 chapters in the book. Each chapter is dedicated to one successful personal. The book specifically covers entrepreneurs from the IT & Technology domain. The story coverage is to the point as the book is short only the most important points were covered. You will find a good number of inspirational quotations in the book.

My observations

  1. Fast-paced story writing 
  2. Easy and smooth language usage
  3. Catchy cover design and title
  4. Limited domain coverage when you are covering 20 personalities
  5. Limited content. Only the inspirational aspect was kept high. The author could have shared some strategic points of these businesses
  6. If you are a follower of success stories, you will find repeated sections for many stories about personalities covered in the book.

Still a good book. An especially new entrant can enjoy the book.

I will give 3.25 out of 5. 

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