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Meet John Thomas Author of The Big Switch

Last week we published review of The Big Switch: It's never too late by John Thomas. Those who missed it can check it here - Review Link

Can you tell our readers about your schooling & education?
I studied Bachelor of Engineering from Fr. Agnel college in Mumbai. It is a four year course, where you enter as one person and leave as another. After all, four years is a very long time, isn’t it? I was a very shy kid during my initial years at school. I think a part of me is still like that kid.
What are some day jobs you have held?
I have worked as a Software Programmer at companies like MAQ Software, Ugam Solutions, Gramener. I had also co-founded a content marketing startup in 2015 named Thought Triangle. Though it didn’t work, it taught me some very important life lessons. Apart from all this, I have also worked as a Mathematics professor and have also got a keen interest in the stock market.
Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors? Which author inspire you the most?
It is strange, but in a way, I started reading after I started writing. Only after deciding to write my debut novel, I started picking up books regularly. Somehow, I don’t read books to enjoy them but to learn and understand the craft of writing better.

I am a person who doesn’t have many favorites, not just in writing but in other spheres as well. But I do find Khaled Hosseini’s writing many notches above all the other writers I have read.
I am currently reading Serious Men by Manu Joseph.
When did you start writing?
I started writing in December 2013. I was a very poor writer back then. Still not very great but definitely not as bad as I used to be then. And my first attempt at any sort of writing was my debut novel, The Big Switch.
When did you decide to become a writer?
It was in April 2013. I still remember the month because I had written it down somewhere that I was going to write a novel. And come November 2017, I had published my debut novel via Amazon KDP :)
What are your ambitions for your writing career?
I want to reach more readers (which means ‘I want to become a bestselling author’ :P)

Yes, writing is a form of expression, one that you must enjoy even if there isn’t anyone at the receiving end. But a decent reader-base always helps. It means that there will always be readers who are willing to consume what you are going to produce next as a writer.
Do you have a special time to write, or how is your day structured to accommodate your writing?
I don’t have a specific time when I write. If I have clarity on what I am supposed to write, then I can write anytime and anywhere. But getting to the stage where I have clarity takes time as it involves a lot of thinking.
What genre are your books?
If you are looking for an official genre, then it is contemporary fiction. But I like to call it an inspirational fiction.
Can you describe your current book in few lines? What’s it about?
The Big Switch is a story which every person, who has a goal in life or is confused about what his goal is, will relate to. It is the story of a young man, who wants to have a better and more fulfilling life but is scared to take the leap of faith towards his dream. The things that happen when he takes this leap of faith is what forms the crux of the book.

Give us an insight into your main character
You know, of all the characters in the book, the protagonist (Keith Kurien) is the most unsure. He is also the most ordinary of them all. But he is also the one who acts based on his instincts. And when you will read the book, you will notice that this quality of his distinguishes him from everyone else.
Where did you get idea for this book?
The central theme of the book is something that I have learned in my life. That it’s never too late to do what you want to do in life. (Everyone is going to die. No matter what you do, you are not going to escape death. So, why not do something which we want to do and then die?)

I thought of writing a story around this theme and The Big Switch happened.
How much research did you do for this book?
Not much to be very honest. There were things which needed research. But it wasn’t very substantial. You can say, five to ten percent of all the work that I put in for the book was research. 
Who is your favorite character in your book and why? (If applicable)
I really don’t have a favorite character from the book. Even if very small, every character has a purpose in the story. But if you will push me for a name, I might go ahead and say Ramesh Singh.
What was the most difficult thing about writing your latest book?
When I began with the story, I didn’t know how to write. Like I said previously, it was my first attempt at writing. So, it was very challenging. But with every chapter that I wrote, I got more and more comfortable.
What are you working on at the minute?
I am preparing the plot for my second book at the moment. It is mostly going to be about love, religion and how they interact/collide with each other.
What are your thoughts on writing a book series?
Yes, that’s the new trend and I would love to write a book series. But I haven’t got any ideas/stories at the moment.
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Just write!

And after you have done that, you must listen to that honest voice at the back of your mind which tells you how you have done. If you keep on writing and keep on improving yourself based on that voice, then there is no stopping you.
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