Saturday, February 24, 2018

To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood - An Inspirational Tale of Malini Agarwal

When Vishnu told me that he got his hands on "To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood" by Malini Agarwal, I could not contain my excitement. I messaged him to give the copy to me.

Malini Agrawal aka Miss Malini is one of the top Blogger in India and a role model to many aspiring Bloggers. I also have a Fashion blog ( so this book was kind of like must read for me.

"To The Moon" is an autobiography of Miss Malini. She has written about her life before the blog and after it. She has talked about people she encountered during her journey to the top, it also covers about how she build a brand. And finally notes from her friends including many celebrities.

Now the most awaited question "Is this book helpful!?" The answer is well both yes and no in terms of what you're asking.

Yes, if you're asking is this book helpful for inspiration and just the way of life than my answer is yes. The notes and all the #MMProTip is awesome.

No, if you're asking about blogging. I don't think so that this book has something that I already did not know about blogging. Yes if you don't know anything about blogging at all then this might help you.

So lastly if you're someone who knows miss Malini and are inspired by her then you should definitely read this book otherwise you might get bored.

  1. Cover : - 3/5
  2. Content : - 3/5
  3. Concept : - 3/5
  4. Overall : - 3/5
Book can be found at Amazon & Flipkart
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads



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