Thursday, July 12, 2018

Review of Short Story - That Girl on the Street by Sandeep

Have you ever met a perfectionist? Especially an artist? The look so wonderful with their piece of art, be it painting, poem, story, sculpture or anything else. But have you seen their life when they were going through the process of creation of that art? Especially their family relationships?

"Staring out of the window, he could see that lady; walking down the dark abandoned street with flickering streetlights. Stray dogs were barking loudly at someone or something and that could be easily heard from a distance. But she wasn’t afraid." 

This is the story about an author who is obsessed to know the story of his characters and is ready to cross all the boundaries. 
How far you can go to fulfill your obsession
"That girl on the street" has shown the similar story of an author who has lost his wife while creating his masterwork (Novel). His inner turmoil has ruined his personal life to an extent that his pregnant wife left him. Unmoved by personal hurdles he achieved his target.

For his second novel when he sat for the character building he got uncomfortable feelings. Following his inner voice, he reached a location where he witnessed something worthwhile to capture.

The story may not be longer than 15 pages but it will give you a message. Though I was not able to digest climax fully, I still enjoyed narration style.

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