Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Time Crawlers - Stories from Parallel Universes by Varun Sayal

I have read Scifi novels either as whole books or box set. This genre needs space to get developed, because you need to explain age/time for which the story was conceptualized, technologies of the age, geographical/astrological information, science (only a few of the authors try it, others just assume it fantasy genre and leave it) So when I saw "Time Crawlers - Stories from Parallel Universes" by Varun Sayal was collection of 6 short stories, I was confused about how an author is gonna do all these things in a few pages. Well, I added the book to my kindle shopping list.

Book Blurb
Billions of universes run slightly parallel to our own universe; worlds full of infinite possibilities. There are many humans living in those parallel worlds, leading their lives, in a very similar way to how we are leading ours. But their respective realities differ from ours in some very peculiar ways.
Inhabitants of some worlds have already been visited and are being ruled by aliens. Some traveled through time, back and forth, and some have taken their space exploration to advanced stages using their powerful spaceships. Some created ruthless artificial intelligences that are fulfilling dark, human desires. Some developed advanced weapons technologies thousands of years before we did.
I believe a writer's brain can somehow tap into this multitude of universes and take a peek into the events happening in each of them. This book, comprised of six stories, is my attempt to narrate to you tales from six different parallel universes. These stories are events that my brain somehow tapped into and captured in detail.
Let me know if your unconscious mind visited the same universes as mine.
As per Forward of this book, there are millions of universe in parallel to each other. And millions of civilization thriving in each of these universes. The stories, covered in this book, are for those places where space-time travel is possible. Each story is based on one of the controversial scientific mystique concept starting from alien intrusion in culture, telepathy, telekinetics to time travel.

Four reasons why you should read this book
  • In love with sci-fi concept - The author has taken the time to explain his imagination of sci-fi concepts to readers with whatever scientific bases available without killing interest that too within 100 pages.
  • Action Packed Drak Theme - If you love to read some sci-fi war stories, you have stories for you. If you want to read some dark theme stories they are also present in the book.
  • To the point Description - No rubbish. 
  • Light Read -  Yes you can finish it in one sitting. But can give your imagination to another level for the next few days.
I personally feel that Varun has just given seeds for testing. Whichever story gets more feedback, he should make a full-fledged book on that topic. I would really love to read a full-fledged novel on "The Cave" and "Nark-Astra"

Talking about ratings
  1. Cover - 4/5
  2. Concept - 4/5
  3. Characters - 3.5/5
  4. Overall - 4/5
Book can be found at Amazon
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads



  1. Thanks a lot for this brilliant review sir, loved reading these words. This means a lot coming from a seasoned reader such as you.

  2. It was pleasure to read it. Will wait for next installment




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