Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Fight Against Narcoterrorism - The Policewoman by Justin WM Roberts

I took more than three months to finish The Policewoman. It is not boring or slow but due to approach I took for this book. I took this book as if I was watching a series. Though the book is written on the fight of Interpol against Irish Drug cartel and it is just one complete story, I found it is written in multiple episodes. Each episode takes the story to further point. I took each episode once in a fortnight and read it leisurely.

Book Blurb
Narcoterrorism wreaks havoc on the world as drug cartels operate as dominating, murderous dictatorships. The powerful Irish Drug Cartel has set up drug manufacturing plants around the world and they will kill anyone who gets in their way. Sarah is an ambitious policewoman from an antiterrorist unit. She's also smart, beautiful, and extremely good at her job, which is why she is assigned to an Interpol Incident Response Team in Manchester, set up to find and stop The Cartel. Alongside colleagues from the United Kingdom's SAS, she must quickly learn new Close Quarters Battle tactics and apply them to a vengeful and threatening battlefield. Sarah's investigation appears to be going well until the fight turns personal. She must now struggle to save her friends, family, and even herself. Spanning the globe with a keen knowledge of special forces tactics and some genuinely shocking twists, this book warns of a bloody, drug-addled future we may soon face.
The policewoman Justine is talking about is Sarah our protagonist. She is from Densus, the antiterrorist group of Indonesia National Police. Many retired (forced or voluntarily) military veterans joined Irish Drug cartel and they had become the nationwide nuisance. Things reached to an extreme where governments started considering it as narcoterrorism. The government of Britain and Ireland has decided to take military action against the cartel. A special unit was formed in Interpol from the various department from England and Ireland. The Cartel's links were found as far as Indonesia and that is how Sarah came into the picture. She represented Indonesia in Interpol. Sarah was a workaholic and always tried to finish all her assignment without any failures. The kind of assignment she was given this time was completely on the different level. But she like the nature of the job. She met her soulmate Micheal as her teammate. Together they started giving a hard time to the cartel. But the cartel wouldn't tolerate it for a long time. Things became complex once both sides started taking actions. 

This is my first book on police or military actions, so I had mixed feelings while reading the book. Initially, when author bombarded me with all heavy military/weaponry terms I thought maybe its new genre for me. Later I found that they were overused. Multiple short forms, awards, weapons kept coming to me but I survived the first episode (I would call it that way only), and they I liked it. It is like just learning how to swim, initially you will get tired out but later on, you will start liking it. The book gripped my attention especially after military action on cartel started somewhere between 50% of the story. After that, I finished the book in 1-2 weeks. 

I think the author must be having first or second-hand experience working in / with firearms / military / police personnel. Every action assault by any side was perfectly detailed in military terms. Sometimes I struggled to understand what was being planned. Code names were used assuming readers are following. At many places, I found author went with his emotion or liking for military exercise or activities which brought the pace down. The author personally told me about his editing to reduce much extra or irrelevant stuff from the book. I read 3rd time edited version and he is working on 4th and final editing. He is planning to remove more irrelevant stuff along with elaborated used codes. I think after that book would be able to touch 4.25 start for me. Right now it is 3.75 for me. 

Even after stating all this, I would like to point out that it is a wonderful read. I can surely recommend it to action genre fans about this book. Talking about ratings:
  1. Cover - 4 / 5 (New cover is better than old one)
  2. Characters - 4 / 5
  3. Storyline - 3.5 / 5
  4. Content - 4 / 5 (Though too much content at some places)
  5. Overall - 3.75 / 5
Book can be found at - Amazon
Review from other readers can be found at GoodReads


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